Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Apply to the Student Travel Fund

Do you need money to travel to your next conference, hackathon or networking event? Apply to the Student Travel Fund! Originally made possible by generous donations from the 2013 graduating senior class in conjunction with the annual Ring Ceremony, the fund helps cover costs for undergraduate student travel to conferences and competitions.

Taylor used the funds to travel to a conference.

Yale University, where SplashCon was held
"I am on the TESC Outreach Committee and was given the opportunity with my co-lead to be in charge of Splash -  a one-day marathon of classes in a variety of subjects that is open to all students in grades 9-12 - this year," said Taylor. "Universities such as Yale, Harvard and MIT put it on. I applied to the student travel fund to attend SplashCon, a conference that teaches universities how to run the event. I gained so much valuable information! I will apply what I learned in the workshops, like marketing tips, how to create a timeline for the event, and how to utilize the website. I also look forward to applying what I learned from listening to the other students' experiences."

Ryan used the funds to travel to a workshop in Los Angeles.

"The American Society of Civil Engineers workshop in Los Angeles gave me an opportunity to network with professionals, and interact with other students from other schools," said Ryan. "I was able to learn more about general leadership within the Society of Civil Engineers, how to go about advancing my professional career, and how to better serve the community through interaction with professionals and lectures by accomplished engineers."

Interested? You're in luck! There's a workshop January 26, 2017 in the Qualcomm Room (EBU1/Jacobs Hall). During this workshop the STF Committee will share insights about the application process, best practices for travel, and recording trip experiences. Refreshments will be provided!

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