Friday, June 3, 2016

Illuminating Your Movement: Entrepreneur Showcases Lighting Company at Institute for Global Entrepreneur Launch Event

Dancer and handstand instructor Tammuz Dubnov graduated from UC Berkeley at the age of 18; now at the age of 21, he runs a successful lighting company, all while working on his masters degree in materials science at UC San Diego.

Zuzor, the company Dubnov started, illuminates your movement using a sensor (like Xbox Kinect) to capture your movement, project it onto a screen, and overlay beautiful graphics like the ones in the video above.

Dubnov was present at the launch event for the new Institute for the Global Entrepreneur at UC San Diego June 2 to showcase his technology. The Institute is a collaboration between the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering and Rady School of Management and is dedicated to training engineering leaders and translating university discoveries to the market. Dubnov participated in the NSF I-Corps program at UC San Diego, run by the von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center, which is a part of the new institute.

To learn more about the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, go to

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