Monday, March 14, 2016

Celebrating Pi Day

March 14th was Pi Day! Students from the UC San Diego chapter of Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honors society, celebrate Pi Day every year by dropping pie from EBUII.

This year, the pie was made of mayonnaise and fell apart in mid-air!
Everyone got free pizza and pie - IF they could answer an engineering question. Many of the questions involved converting radians to pi.

Undergraduate Daniel Gonzalez came in first in this year's Pi Mile Run
Engineering students also braved finals week and a light drizzle to celebrate Pi Day by running 3.14 miles and enjoying a well-deserved slice of apple pie after.

This year, the Department of NanoEngineering captured the first three places. Daniel Gonzalez, a senior, completed the race course in just 18'36". A triathlete, he showed up for the March 14 race to have fun, he said. Darren Lipomi, an assistant professor and half-marathon runner, came in third.
Meanwhile, Iana Volvach, a Ph.D. student in the research group of ECE Professor Vitali Lomakin, was the first woman to cross the finish line.

In all, more than 60 registered for the run and helped raised about $700 for the San Diego Science Alliance.

Darren Lipomi, faculty member from the Department of NanoEngineering, is close to crossing the finish line.

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