Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Computer science alumna wins San Diego County Teacher of the Year award

Photo: San Diego Unified
Huge congratulations to computer science alumna Shirley Parrish Miranda, who won a San Diego County Teacher of the Year award this year. Miranda teaches math and computer science at Morse High School. She is also a fellow with COSMOS, a residential science program for high school students run by the Jacobs School.

Here is the San Diego Union-Tribune on Miranda:

To establish trust in her classroom, Miranda greets students at the door every day, and then thanks them as they exit.
“It is a small gesture that is often overlooked, but is an important component in building relationships and respect with my students, both important aspects of education,” she wrote.
The tradition was inspired by a student who told her she was the only teacher to speak to him the entire year.
“It simultaneously broke my heart and made me happy,” she wrote. “Respect and relationships help close the achievement gap with at-risk students.”
A former software engineer, Miranda works to steer students to pursue an education in science, technology, engineering and math. Her STEM career was inspired by a teacher who encouraged her to enter the science fair.
Miranda assess her students daily, and groups them together for mentoring. She forged a partnership with UC San Diego, which allows her to bring in professors, professionals and students with work in her class.
When teaching computer science, Miranda weaves in relevant issues into the curriculum — including cyberbullying.
Full story here: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/oct/10/cox-teachers-of-year-2015/

You can also watch Miranda on KUSI News:  http://www.kusi.com/clip/11913386/winners-of-the-san-diego-county-teacher-award

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  1. Shirley Miranda is an amazng teacher and mentor! UCSD COSMOS has benefited greatly by having her on the faculty team and Advisory Board.