Monday, June 30, 2014

Google Tango Project / New video game from UC San Diego alumni

Last week, the UC San Diego computer science alumni behind Limbic Software announced a new game at the Google I/O Conference called Zombie Gunship Reality.
The game is slated to be one of the first generation to take advantage of the precise localization provided by Project Tango hardware and incorporate that into the game. The “history” paragraph on the game’s press website provides some context:

“As children, we often pretended to fly airplanes around the house, dropping bombs on flowerpots and landing on couches. With the 3D-positioning technology Project Tango makes available to us, we are able to turn that dream into reality. Players can now "become the gunship" and interact with the game world as never before, climbing onto chairs for a high vantage point, or getting down close to the ground for short-range shooting. A totally immersive new experience is now possible with Zombie Gunship Reality.”
Pretty cool.

Below is the boiler plate for Limbic.

Limbic Software, Inc. ( is an independent entertainment company and Google Play Top Developer founded in 2008 by Arash Keshmirian, Iman Mostafavi, and Volker Schönefeld. Limbic's award-winning debut title, TowerMadness, launched in 2009. Their subsequent hit mobile games Nuts! and Zombie Gunship have helped them amass over thirty million downloads across their portfolio of original games. Craftsmanship and a commitment to creating the best gaming experience have won them legions of dedicated fans across the world.

(In March of this year, Keshmirian ('05, M.S. '08) spoke at a UC San Diego alumni gathering in Silicon Valley. His talk: “Sheep, Zombies,Squirrels, Aliens and Gunships: Five Years Climbing the App Store.”) Thanks for giving the talk, Arash!

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