Monday, January 27, 2014

CSE Day 2014

Tech talks, a Q&A titled 'the secrets of recruitment' and of course, In-N-Out burgers, where the highlights of CSE Day Jan. 23 here at the Jacobs School. The event's goal was to show students the different paths available to them after graduation and how best to navigate them.
This year's program included industry talks by Sean Baumann, lead of the architecture team responsible for product development and software engineering for Life Technologies' Cloud Platform-as-a-Service applications and by Adrienne Milner, a neuromorphic software engineer with Qualcomm Research, who leads the effort to manifest biological networks in robots and is developing a system to rain neural networks.
The event also featured a talk on automotive security by CSE Prof. Stefan Savage.
All events drew a large crowd--especially the In-N-Out burgers at lunch.

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