Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Video: Robot balancing on top of another robot!

What's more fun that a robot balancing on its own? A robot balancing on its own on top of another robot balancing on its own. Meet Stunt MiP and Switchblade, two robots designed in the Coordinated Robotics Lab here at the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Graduate students and postdocs from the lab demoed their robots at the Mini San Diego Maker Faire Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. 
Switchblade has made headlines before. It is a threaded vehicle (like a tank, but much smaller). It can pop wheelies and will ultimately be able to climb stairs while carrying an impressive array of sensors. It's already equipped with a real-time video camera. StuntMiP is a newcomer, a robot that can balance like a Segway on two wheels. The small robot made its debut as a kit that students assembled themselves during a controls class taught by Prof. Tom Bewley, who leads the Coordinated Robotics Lab.
It's been a busy week for Bewley. On Dec. 5, he welcomed senior executives and engineers from Cymer, Texas Instruments, National Instruments, ATA Engineering, WowWee and Brain Corporation during the last session of the newly revamped Embedded Control and Robotics course, MAE 143c, which he taught this fall quarter. The event was essential an industry recognition night for all these companies.

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