Friday, October 25, 2013

iPassStore / UC San Diego students create a discount card for your phone

Do you like discounts on stuff you buy at UC San Diego?

A chemical engineer and a computer science undergrad from the Jacobs School think you do. They built a virtual discount card for UC San Diego called Triton Pass. It’s free. 

Triton Pass is on Facebook at:

Triton Pass is part of a larger projects the students are working on, called iPassStore. Find out more at: They already have almost 3,000 Likes on their Facebook page:

Ford Wang, the chemical engineering student from UC San Diego, told us the following:

“Students can save the virtual card into their smartphones and simply show it at participating stores to receive 10% off. Currently we have Subway, Yogurt World, Bombay Coast, Cafe Roma etc., and more restaurants are coming soon.”

Ford says they will soon be expanding to other universities.

The iPassStore founders have gotten help on their business from the Moxie Center for Student Entrepreneurship here at the Jacobs School. Ford said the Moxie Center experience helped a lot in terms of setting up a business model and providing free work space. The Moxie Center is having an open house on Weds Oct 30, if you’ve got a business or invention idea that needs a boost. 

Dexin Qi, also a co-founder, is a computer science major. The team also has four UC San Diego interns who are just ramping up now. Check out the team page here:

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  1. That's sounds great! This will be very useful for Business Management students like me. I'm not really a good cook so I prefer grabbing a bite somewhere else, but eating out is rather expensive. I hope they can include discounts for restaurants in Arizona.