Thursday, July 5, 2018

Clip from NanoXpo 2018: Hui Zheng

Hui Zheng's research aims to make airplanes safer in the future. Zheng is a nanoengineering Ph.D. student in Professor Shyue Ping Ong's Materials Virtual Lab at UC San Diego. Using DFT calculations, Zheng is finding ways to re-engineer materials -- such as those found in the fan blades of airplane engines -- to make them stronger and resistant to cracking.

Zheng describes her project in this video, taken at NanoXpo 2018:

Poster title: "Role of Zr in Strengthening MoSi2 Grain Boundaries from DFT Calculations"

NanoXpo is an annual event held by the Graduate Society of Nanoengineers to showcase graduate research in the UC San Diego Department of NanoEngineering.

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