Friday, June 22, 2018

B.J. (Byungji) Kim: Materials Science and Engineering graduate student

B.J. (Byungji) Kim is the graduate student who was recognized, in the month of May, by the Jacobs Graduate Student Council at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering.

B.J. Kim is a PhD candidate in the Material Science and Engineering Program at UC San Diego, working with professor Micheal J. Sailor.

A major portion of her Ph.D. research is focused on developing an immunogene therapeutic strategy to combat against a wide range of bacterial infections. By enhancing the body's existing immune system to fight against infections more efficiently, she aims to minimize the need to develop new antibiotics for each type of bacteria.

B.J. Kim's outstanding contributions have led to publications in leading scientific journals, such as Nature Biomedical Engineering and Nature Communications.

Nature Communications paper:
Immunogene therapy with fusogenic nanoparticles modulates macrophage response to Staphylococcus aureus

B.J. Kim has presented her work at conferences with great reception. At the 2017 Jacobs School of Engineering Research Expo, she was awarded the Katie Osterday Best Poster Award for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Lea Rudee Outstanding Poster Award (1st out of over 200 posters). Read the press release here.

At the 2018 Porous Semiconductors - Science and Technology (PSST) held in France, she was invited to give a keynote talk, and received the Lehmann Prize. Moreover, B.J. Kim led the writing of and successfully obtained over $4 million from the National Institute of Health to further her project on bacterial infections

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