Friday, January 22, 2016

#ILookLikeAnEngineer: Akanksha Kevalramani

Here is the next profile of our campaign! Akanksha is an international student at UC San Diego, with a focus on coding and a passion for equal representation STEM.

Name: Akanksha Kevalramani
Major: Computer Science
Estimated graduation date: June, 2018

Why did you choose engineering at UC San Diego?
I chose engineering at UC San Diego because I was really impressed by how far this university had come in such a short time, and I could see this university growing a lot in the years to come in terms of education, infrastructure and research opportunities. Other factors that mattered to me and impressed me were the attitude and enthusiasm of the student body, the living conditions, the location and the weather.

What are your career goals?
I want to be involved in something that really makes a difference in the field of Computer Science, and in the process of doing that, I'd also love to be able to affect the way women are represented in STEM fields.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?
This is a tough question because there are so many, but out of hundreds of quotes that I like and also believe in, one of my favorites is ‘Live & Let Live.’

What are three things that make you your own individual?
  1. I'm always the quiet one in the group who's usually listening and observing.
  2. I'm kind of a perfectionist and always prefer having things done my way.
  3. I try my best to not be hesitant and to stand up for any unfair treatment I see around me.

What does this campaign mean to you?
I've been really lucky to be surrounded by people who've always supported and believed in me, but I've seen so many people being told what they can and cannot do based on their gender, body shape, skin color and race, among other things. I truly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to prove that there’s more than what meets the eye. I believe that no one should be judged or mistreated based on another’s assumptions. I believe this campaign is an excellent way to raise awareness about that, and the fact that people here care about things like these makes me even more proud of UC San Diego.

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