Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Latest US News Graduate Program Rankings for the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

The latest graduate program rankings for the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering from US News are out. 
The Jacobs School remained #8 in the nation among engineering schools at public institutions, and #14 in the nation overall. 
Bioengineering ticked up one spot to #3 in the nation!
Computer engineering jumped to #12 from #17.
The full list of rankings is below. It's also on the Jacobs School ranking page on our website

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With $163.6 million in federal, state and industry research support in FY12, the Jacobs School of Engineering ranks 9th in the nation for research expenditures per faculty member, reflecting UC San Diego’s leadership as a research university. (U.S. News, published March 2013)
The Jacobs School of Engineering ranks 14th among the nation’s top 198 engineering schools, and 8th in the nation among public universities. (U.S. News, published March 2013)
The Department of Bioengineering ranks 3rd in the nation for biomedical/bioengineering(U.S. News, published March 2013). Bioengineering has ranked among the top four programs in the nation every year for more than a decade.
The interdisciplinary Bioinformatics program, ranked 13th in the nation, is offered jointly by eight UC San Diego departments including the Jacobs School’s Bioengineering, and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) departments. (U.S. News, published March 2010)
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)* ranks highly in all categories surveyed: computer systems (11)computer science (14)theory (15)programming language (19) and artificial intelligence (19). (U.S. News, published March 2010)
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) ranks 14th for its programs in electrical engineering and communications, and 12th in computer engineering, a program offered in both ECE and CSE (U.S. News, published March 2013).
The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ranks 18th for aerospace engineering and 20th for mechanical engineering. (U.S. News, published March 2013).
The Jacobs School of Engineering ranks 25th for Materials Engineering and 54th for Chemical Engineering. Much of this work is performed within the Jacobs School’s Department of NanoEngineering.
The Department of Structural Engineering is ranked 19th for civil engineering (U.S. News, published March 2013).

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