Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A 'Google Map' of Human Metabolism

If you haven't already, read our story on Recon 2, a kind of 'Google map' of human metabolism built by an international consortium of biomedical researchers who built the map in a series of jamboree meetings. The consortium was led by Jacobs School alumna Ines Thiele, a former student of bioengineering Professor Bernhard Palsson. Thiele, now a professsor at the University of Iceland, was part of the original six-person team who built Recon 1 in Palsson's Systems Biology lab in 2007.

The group's latest paper, published online March 3, is now the most read story in Nature Biotechnology. It's also been getting plenty of media attention, including,, Wired Science UK, and Medical XPress. Recon 2 was featured on the front page of Volkskrant and on major radio program NWT in The Netherlands.

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