Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Final Push: Studying for Finals Week

It's finals week here on campus, at the Jacobs School, that means one thing: students are getting together at the many study sessions offered by organizations such as Eta Kappa Nu, WIC@UCSD, TESC and more. The IDEA Study Lab also is offering tutoring sessions. Tuesday, we went by the study lab and by the Henry Booker Room at Jacobs Hall, where ETA Kappa Nu was putting on a Study Inn with free snacks, to capture all the hard work and studying taking place this week.

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  1. Finals week is about to come to a close and the tension and stress are unsurmountable. I remember back in college, I was always feeling nauseous before entering the classroom that I honestly felt that I was going to throw up in my seat. But then, an hour after the last subject, I feel completely relieved and was just ready to sleep for three days. - Layce of