Monday, December 17, 2012

2012: Best of Media Coverage

2012 has been a busy year for news here at the Jacobs School of Engineering. We've compiled some of our best media coverage and wanted to share these with our readers. They are organized by subject. Enjoy!

·        Five-story building on the Englekirk shake table:

The tests were featured on NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News and ABC Nightly News. The broadcasts from these shows can be found here:

In addition, the tests were featured in a wide range of online and print media, including:

BBC News: Engineers Launch Artificial Earthquakes at 'Hospital'

The New York Times: In California Quake Research, Boring Is the Hoped-for Result

Huffington Post: California Earthquake Test Looks for Ways to Shore Up Hospitals

·        CSE Prof. Henrik Wann Jensen’s research on rainbow simulations:

ScienceNOW: 'Burgeroids' Cause Double Rainbows

ABC News: Fake Rainbows Lead to Scientific Discovery

·        MAE Prof. Mark Meyers’ research on an Amazon fish with piranha-proof scales:

ScienceNOW: A Piranha-Proof Fish

CNN: Fish Scales may Inspire Body Armor

·        MAE Prof. Miroslav Krstic’s research on EV batteries:

Engadget: Researchers Create Algorithms That Could Help Lithium-ion Batteries Charge Two Times Faster

UT San Diego: UCSD Research Could Yield a Better Battery

·        MAE Prof. Forman Williams’ research on fire in micro-gravity:

Scientific American: Flame Dances on Board Space Station

Smithsonian: Daily Planet blog: Great Balls of Floating Fire

·        Medical devices Prof. Alison Marsden and SE Prof. Yuri Bazilev’s research on the Berlin Heart

KPBS: UC San Diego Engineers Try to Redesign Heart Pump

·        MAE Prof. Carlos Coimbra and Jan Kleissl in The New York Times

The New York Times: Gleaning Clues on Sunny Days from the Clouds

·        BE Prof. Geert Schmid-Schรถnbein’s research

The Atlantic: Infant Formula Causes Cell Death Where Breast Milk Does Not

Dairy Reporter (industry publication): Formula ‘may contribute’ to intestinal condition in premature infants

UT San Diego: Trials begin on therapy to treat septic shock

San Diego Business Journal: Bioengineering Professor’s Treatment for Shock Under Study

·        Nano Prof. Shaochen Chen’s research on 3D printed biological tissues and nanomanufacturing

Gizmag: New technique paves the way for 3D-printed biological tissues

CNBC: How 3D Printers are Reshaping Medicine

·         BE Prof. Todd Coleman’s research on flexible, wearable electronics

Seattle Times/Associated Press  : Gates Foundation experiments with global health

Pregnant-Monitor Idea at UCSD Gets Funding,

·         BE Prof. Bernhard Palsson’s research in systems biology

ScienceNews: Big Jobs Go to Loyal Proteins,

·        MAS in Medical Device Engineering

California Healthline: UC San Diego Program Focuses on Designing Medical Devices,

·        ECE Prof. Gert Lanckriet’s research in game-powered machine learning

Gizmag: Game-powered machine learning: could we make searching for music online easier?

The Academic Minute podcast, Inside Higher Ed: Audio Search Engines

·        BE Prof. Shyni Varghese’s research on a self-healing hydrogel Smart, self-healing hydrogels repair themselves after sustaining damage

Scientific American: New Gels Heal Themselves – and Maybe You

The Engineer: Self-healing hydrogels could help seal leakages

MSNBC: Hydrogel acts like Velcro at the molecular level

Huffington Post: Hydrogels Heal Themselves – and Maybe Your Ulcers and Stomach Perforations

·        BE Prof. Karen Christman’s Research on injectable hydrogel for heart attack repair

KPBS: A Shot in the Heart May Repair Damage

UT San Diego: UCSD Creates Gel to Treat Heart Attacks

Gizmag: Hydrogel could grow new heart tissue, without the need for surgery

·        Dedication of the new Structural and Materials Engineering building

 UT San Diego: UC San Diego opening huge engineering center


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