Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrating Pi Day of the century--a daily early

More than 240 people turned out on (the potentially scary) Friday, March 13 to celebrate Pi Day one day early. They helped raise about $1200 for the San Diego Science Alliance by taking part in the annual Pi-Mile Walk and Run. This year, in addition to the slice of pie and T-shirt they earned through their registration, they could also enjoy free pizza, courtesy of The Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society.

The organization also held its second annual pie drop from the top of EBU II. This year's pie was home made, filled with red fruits, including strawberries and cherries, and made a impressive splatter once it hit the ground.

The actual Pi Day will be extra-special this year: at precisely 9:26:53 the date (if written 3/14/15) will match the number Pi to the 10th digit. 

Video of the fun above. All pictures from the event here:

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