Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News coverage of the UC San Diego shake table

Project: Seismically isolated unibody residential buildings:

NBC Southern California: Quake shake test handles portion of demo of red-tagged El Centro building  Stanford Engineers Build, Test Earthquake-Resistant House

Laboratory Equipment:  Engineers Successfully Build Earthquake-resistant House

 2013: Best of What's New award to the shake table from Popular Science: "The 2013 Best of What's New"


Project: Team Investigates Earthquake Retrofits for 'Soft' First-floor Buildings on Jacobs School Shake Table

PBS: "NOVA Making Stuff Safer"

UT San Diego: "Video: Quake engineers topple building"

10 News:  "Engineers test building retrofits, work to improve how structures survive shaking"

CBS 8:  "Shake table experiment brings down the house"

Gizmodo: Monster Machines: Giant shake table helps design quake-proof homes

Project: First of a Kind Tests to Assess How Elevators, Fire Systems Perform in Earthquakes

BBC News: "Engineers Launch Artificial Quakes at 'Hospital' BBC News"

NBC News: "Preparing for the big one"

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CBS News:  "With Man-made Quakes, Engineers Test Lifesaving Technologies"

The New York Times:  "In California Quake Researchers, Boring is the Hoped-for Result"

Huffington Post: "California Earthquake Test Looks for Ways to Shore Up Hospitals"

USA Today: "Quake tests looks for ways to shore up hospitalsCalif. engineers to rock 5-story building in huge quake test"

Popular Mechanics: Shake Table Simulates 8.8 Quake

KPBS: UCSD Shake Table Tests 5-Story Building


Popular Mechanics: What happens when a mega-earthquake strikes the U.S.?

Project: Engineers Try to Bring Down the House During Simulated Earthquake Tests

LA Times: "Scientists shake out clues to earthquake damage"

Project: Three-Story Structure Slammed in Magnitude 8 Earthquake on Shake Table

Science Daily:  "Rigorous Earthquake Simulations Aim To Make Buildings Safer"

 LA Times: "UCSD quake simulation tests strength of precast concrete"

Project: Seven-Story Building at UCSD Rattled on Largest Earthquake Shake Table in U.S.

Discovery News: Earthquake Shake Table Rocks Buildlings

ABC 10 News: "UCSD Enginners Put Seven-Story Building To Test"

Symmetry Magazine: "Sciences on the Grid"

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