Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two (not so irrational reasons) to sign up for the Pi-Mile Run and Walk

UPDATE 03/12/14: Registration is still open! You're just taking your chances about getting a T-shirt.

We just love this year's T-shirt for the Pi-Mile Run and Walk, an event that takes place every March 14, also known as Pi Day, here at the Jacobs School.
This year's shirt was created by ECE graduate student Eshed Ohn-Bar (see above). "I love running and getting cool T-shirts--so I figured I would design one," he said.
His inspiration came from "I heart NY"-style T-shirts. "But I wanted to make it more relevant to the meaning of Pi," he explained. "So since it's an irrational number and love (symbolized by a heart) is irrational, it worked well together."
Mark Chapman, a Pi-Mile Run organizer, added an additional creative touch by writing the heart shape with some of Pi's first digits.
Want the shirt? Sign up for the Pi-Mile Run and Walk! It's just $10 and you get a slice of pie too. But hurry! The deadline to register is March 3.

More info: 
The event kicks off March 14 in the Bear Courtyard at noon. All proceeds benefit the San Diego Science Alliance. The event is co-sponsored by the Jacobs Graduate Student Council and the Triton Engineering Student Council.
Click here for a route map.

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  1. The new T-shirt is cute. I just wish it had a little more flare to it. It's just so plain.