Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wave Frozen in Time / Have you seen the video?

In less than 48 hours, the video illustrating the "static pipeline wave" paper in the journal Experiments in Fluids already has more than 23,000 views. As an added bonus, the video gives you a chance to brush up on your spanish. Created by the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), the researchers are discussing their static wave in spanish...but video is video and there are great shots of the experimental setup, even if you don't understand any spanish at all.

The video goes along with this press release: Researchers Create a Wave Frozen in Time

UC San Diego MAE professor and interim dean of the Jacobs School of Engineering, Juan C. Lasheras, is one of the authors on the paper. The first author of the paper Pablo Martinez Legazpi is currently a post-doc in the Lasheras lab. Also author  Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez served as a postdoc in the Lasheras lab years ago. More info here.

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