Friday, February 22, 2013

Tracking the buzz over Prof Coleman's Wearable Electronics Research

It’s been a great week for news on brain-machine interfaces. Bioengineering Professor Todd Coleman was in Boston last weekend at the annual AAAS conference, where he participated in a panel discussion about the possibilities and ethics presented by new advances in technology that can “communicate with the body.”  The panel discussion generated some buzz in the media thanks in part to Professor Coleman’s research into wearable electronics for pregnancy monitoring, neonatal neuroscience and performance-enhancing, brain-machine interfaces.

Txchnologist foresees a future where these types of electronics could enable telepathy and telekinesis. That story was also picked up by io9.'s Cosmic Log reports this kind of research is opening up new frontiers. Here's another story by Discovery. And one by Smithsonian. Irish Times tackled the ethics angle. And Science Update paid a visit to the Coleman Lab.

You can hear all about it straight from Todd Coleman himself in this video below, produced for the AAAS conference. Or, this one, from a talk he gave at UC San Diego for the Founders' Symposium. Just in case you missed it, Dr. Coleman was featured in San Diego Magazine's 50 People to Watch feature in January.

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