Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prof. Christman's heart attack treatment in the news

Media outlets around the globe are covering exciting new results from the laboratory of bioengineering professor Karen Christman on a treatment for scarred heart tissue -- a major problem for heart attack survivors that affects their long-term survival. Christman’s lab has developed a hydrogel that forms a scaffold around damaged heart tissue, encouraging regeneration. It can be injected through a catheter, so it’s less invasive for patients. Read our story here
In a study published Feb. 20 in Science Translational Medicine, Christman reported on a study in pigs that found that the gel can repair damaged tissue, help the heart grow new tissue, including blood vessels, and gets the heart moving more closely to how it should. The story has been covered this week by Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, UT San Diego, Xconomy, and internationally herehere and here
In this photo, tissue spins in a beaker, as part of the process of making the hydrogel.  

Reuters TV covered Christman's research last summer. Or you can watch our own video above for more info on the making of this hydrogel. 

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