Friday, November 16, 2012

Engineers Turn Poets at Founders' Day

What inspires you? Write it in a haiku! That was the challenge at the Jacobs School’s Founders’ Day booth. Below are samples of the creative writing work that took place over two hours Friday afternoon—engineering-inspired and otherwise.

“A world connected
Tritons here make it happen
Engineers do it!”

“A box of atoms
A bring of quantum chatter
What is life? You ask”

“Not only for guys
Overcome expectations
Go girl engineers!” (I wish we could reproduce the exclamation point with a heart that the writer used on paper)

“Engineers are cool
engineers shape tomorrow
engineers are great.”

“Great environment
Diverse culture and students
Always something new” (titled “UCSD”)

Science makes my world go round
It makes me happy”

“Love biology
It is very cool to read
Eat popcorn right now!”

“Shaking ground calls me
Beckons my windows and walls
Engineer me up”

“Be different be seen
Being Green is better than being mean
Don’t pollute be clean”

fluids are the bomb, air water
quality far out.”

“Computer science
It is really challenging
Although rewarding.”
Signed: Orion

“Testing your mind today
Bringing greater results on
Your mind over matter”

“Politics are hard
Politics are complicated
But I do love it”

“Don’t blink,
lungs shut, press enter,
Seg fault”

Visitors also could play a carnival version of Rutherford’s famous gold foil physics experiment—the first experimental evidence for the atomic nucleus. The game was designed by students from the NanoEngineering & Technology Society at UC San Diego.  
More on the game and the science experiment behind it here:

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