Monday, November 19, 2012

Biomaterials Special Issue / journal Science

Science magazine, published by AAAS, put together what looks like an interesting special issue on Biomaterials. If you're don't have a way to get behind the Science paywall, you can still access the special issue without paying...until Nov 30, but you do have to register.

A paragraph for the intro to the special issue:

Engineers think about formulas and numbers, surgeons work with their hands, physicists focus on explaining materials behavior, and biologists analyze complex cellular interactions. They all work in biomaterials, but they often speak different languages and have different priorities. For biomaterials to move from the lab to clinical use, these groups increasingly need to work together. With this in mind,Science and Science Translational Medicine are covering the basic, the applied, and everything in between—the so-called translational space.

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