Monday, October 8, 2012

VP of Product at Facebook Talks About Company's Vision, Technology

Chris Cox, the vice president of Product at Facebook, was in La Jolla today to talk about mapping the future of networks. In the process, he also talked about his company's vision, technology and products, including some hot-button issues, like the launch of the news feed feature.
Cox was being interviewed by Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine, as part of a three-day event co-sponsored by UC San Diego Extension. Other guests during The Atlantic Meets the Pacific event include UC San Diego alum and genome sequencing whiz J. Craig Venter, UC San Diego neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, Larry Smarr, the director of Calit2, and Greg Lucier, CEO of Life Technologies. 
Here is our Twitter feed from this morning's session with Cox:

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UCSD Engineering @UCSDJacobs
The primary way Facebook thinks about monetizing is advertising. We want to provide a free service. VP Cox 
1hUCSD Engineering @UCSDJacobs
With news feed trying to predict what people will interact with and preserve a balance of content: Facebook VP Cox
Facebook is like publishing a live newspaper for a billion people every day. -- FB VP Cox 
Facebook worked with group at UC Berkeley to help users solve one on one problems caused by embarrassing pictures-millions of them. VP Cox
We think about Facebook as connective tissue to transport friends, favorite music, favorite restaurants across platforms. Facebook VP Cox
We want to turn travel, shopping, deciding where to eat into a multi-player experience. Facebook VP Cox 
We have a vote when post new terms of service. We decided not to have votes on new features early on. We talked about it. Facebook VP Cox
We look at phones as publishing tools. Billions of people will have a lens into the world that they can share with all of us Facebook VP Cox
Facebook was started from the idea that it should be a glass that's clear. -- Facebook VP of Product Cox 
The goal is to have medium that doesn't alter the message, but that's impossible--Facebook VP of Product Cox 
FB VP Cox: something like Facebook would have been built at some point in time if Zuckerberg hadn't built it. 
Facebook VP Cox: Products are the like button, the news feed and timeline. The product is building a container that moves around ideas.

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