Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's about empowering people; it's not about replacing people: The future of robotics

"It's about empowering people. It's not about replacing people."
That's the message that Henrik Christensen, director of the Contextual Robotics Institute at UC San Diego, has been trying to spread about robotics and automation.
He spoke to Per Sj√∂borg from Robohub in an extensive interview.

Some highlights and predictions from the video:

"Robots are going to be pervasive in our lives going forward." That means researchers will need to figure out how to make it easy for everyone to interact with robots. "I want people who have never used a computer to be able to use this technology."

"One day we'll have robotic beds that will make sure you get adequate sleep."

"By the time I retire, I will have a self-driving car."

"We might have food that has never been touched by humans [only by robots]."

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