Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Engineering World Health Hosts Gingerbread House Building Competition

Engineering World Health hosted its second annual Gingerbread House Building Competition on Sun. Dec. 4. Three teams were challenged to create the best house in under 25 minutes given the following point categories: Tallest Gingerbread House; Holidays Feels; Overall Aesthetic and Creativity; and Santa Sleigh Ride Test, a shake table test.

This team had the tallest gingerbread house, though it fell apart during the Santa Sleigh Ride Test. From left to right, the group included junior Christopher Yin, senior Pranav Singh, junior Alan Loi and sophomore Harleen Singh. 

This team tied for first place, scoring best in overall aesthetic and creativity. From left to right, the team included freshman Hannah Peterson, junior YiDing Fang, freshman Justin Burger, junior Bryce Killingsworth, freshman Sheela Thoreson and sophomore Ella Stimson. 

This team tied for first place and had the highest score for Holiday Feels with their evergreen tree, fit with presents and broken candy canes around the perimeter. From left to right, the group consisted of sophomore Elijah Garcia, sophomore Sienna Schmolesky, senior Yajur Maker and second-year transfer Geovanni Alarcon. 

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