Thursday, May 26, 2016

Triton rocket club sets new record for altitude in flight

The Triton Rocket Club (TRC) at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering set a record this past weekend when they sent their Astraeus rocket soaring 28,000 feet into the desert sky.

The flight sets the record for the highest rocket every flown by UC San Diego students. Besides being reaching a record height, this rocket was the biggest, heaviest, fastest, most powerful for TRC. 

"This design serves as the proof-of-concept for our 10” diameter space rocket, and officially marks the beginning of the home stretch for our launch to space in Spring 2017," said Nico Montoya, a graduating senior and member of the club. "The next step is to fly an 8" diameter rocket to 100,000+ feet which will set the record for highest one-stage college rocket!"

Check out the video, and keep scrolling for more photos!

Video Credit: Austin Torgerson

TRC wasn't the only group out firing rockets over the weekend. The MAE 155B Aerospace Senior Design class successfully static fired the Atlas missile LR-101 engine seen here:

Stay tuned for another test on June 4!

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