Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let your inner kid geek come out to play, says alumna

Remember the first time you geeked out over something? It might have been technology, or cooking, or a book--it doesn't matter. That's the feeling Jacobs School alumna Jennifer Arguello is trying to spark in a new generation of computer scientists. She is especially focused on under-represented students, such as people of color and women.
Arguello, who is now the senior technical development manager at GitHub, gave a talk at an event for the SheCodes organization. It is now featured on the Smithsonian's Latino Virtual Museum.
According to the museum's website:

Arg├╝ello is part of the Silicon Valley Latino advisory board, an organization “committed to celebrate the stories of successful Latinas and Latinos, to challenge perceptions and inspire new generations of Latino heroes”.
During her talk, she urged her audience to volunteer, enlist their company for support, become mentors and advocate for computer standards across the board in elementary, middle and high school.

"Find your inner boy geek or girl geek and allow them to play," she said. 

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