Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kids learn how to program while playing Minecraft at UC San Diego Bookstore event

Computer science alumna Sarah Guthals showed off LearnToMod, the software that she and fellow computer science Ph.D. Stephen Foster developed, today at the UC San Diego Bookstore. The software allows students to learn computer programming while playing Minecraft.
Guthals demonstrated how students could create wands that generate giant digital explosions inside of Minecraft and that allow players to teleport inside the game.
After the event, Guthals signed copies of "Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies," the book she co-wrote with Foster and Lindsey Handley, a biochemistry Ph.D. at UC San Diego. Guthals, Foster and Handley co-founded ThoughtSTEM, a company dedicated to teaching children how to code. It offers everything from summer camps, to after school programs.
Below are some tweets about the event:

  1. Learning to modify with drag & drop code!
  2. These kids are smart! “Does anyone know the difference between a local and a global event in ?” They all do.

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