Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nanosponge Vaccine Resarch from Liangfang Zhang in NanoEngineering

It has certainly been an exciting year for Liangfang Zhang and the other researchers in his Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine Laboratory over in NanoEngineering here at UC San Diego.

They published two "nanosponge" papers in Nature Nanotechnology (nanosponges as toxin grabbers, and nanosponges as experimental vaccines) Zhang was named one of Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35, and graduate student Ronnie Fang won top poster at Research Expo 2013. (And no doubt, this is the very abridged version.)

It will be very exciting to see how the nanosponge technology develops over the next year. Will any clinical studies get started? Will other researchers around the world publish exciting results based on the nanosponge platform?

This story in Chemistry World offers a couple of different perspectives on the research: "Caged toxin for safer, better bacterial vaccines" by Simon Hadlington, a science writer in the UK.

Bradley Fikes' story in UT San Diego spells out the mechanics of how the nanosponges are used to trigger immune-system protection from MRSA toxins.

Below is a video that describes the nanosponge for toxin removal paper.

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