Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Star-studded line up for cybersecurity forum

PayPal. eBay. Lockheed Martin. These are some of the companies sending their tech leaders to talk about cybersecurity during a think-tank-style event at the Gordon Engineering Leadership Center Sept. 23 and 24 here at the Jacobs School.

 The featured speaker is the principal scientist for consumer security at PayPal, Markus Jakobsson, who will be speaking about the spiraling threat of online fraud and how to address is. Here is the abstract:

The Internet owes its growth and sustenance to commercial developments. However, the spectacular scalability of online fraud threatens this stability. While the human factor is a notable aspect of the problem, traditional security measures treat Internet security as a pure-bred technical challenge. Using examples relating to authentication, Nigerian scams and malware, I will show how we can improve our understanding of and defenses against online fraud by recognizing that it is a socio-technical problem.

 A number of Jacobs School faculty also will be speaking, including computer scientists Stefan Savage, Sorin Lerner, Hovav Schacham and Daniele Miccinacio. 

More info about the event here:

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