Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Fastest Car in the Price Center Ballroom

Teams from across Southern California competed in IEEE's Viacar contest April 28 in the Price Center Ballroom on the UC San Diego campus. First place and second place went to two UCLA teams. UC San Diego's Initial V team placed in third. Students on the team were Victor Lee, Sebastian Sanchez, Kanza Khan, Komal Verma and Jenny Tu.

The goal of the competition is to design, build and race autonomous cars, which must follow a track marked by a one-inch white tape on a dark-colored carpet. Under the tape, there is a wire carrying a 100mA rms 75 kHz sinusoidal signal. The fastest cars travel at speeds of up to 10 feet per second. This year, the three fastest times were respectively 35, 38 and 38.3 seconds.

Some pictures of the event here, courtesy of IEEE:


  1. what's the difference with that RC to the one that you can buy at Walmart? would that cost more money?

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