Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jacobs School Alum Builds Groundbreaking Tool for Construction Industry

UT San Diego recently wrote a story about a new software that dramatically helps streamline paperwork for the construction industry. "Linked" was developed by Jacobs School alumna Terriann Nohilly, 24, who graduated from the Jacobs School with a bachelor's in chemical engineering in 2009.

The software "ties together mountains of blueprints, memos and other data into a web-based, visually oriented file box that helps field superintendents and subcontractors manage construction sites with a minimum of confusion," according to the UT San Diego story. The program runs on tablet computers. A survey after a field test showed that users saved 5.5 hours a week by using it.

Nohilly told UT San Diego that she wasn't sure what allowed her to come up with the breakthrough program, although being young, a woman and a UC San Diego graduate were all likely factors. "I think I'm a little weird," she told the paper. "I'm not a typical engineer. I think I look at things differently. And once I dialed in, I really had this desire to bring this creative fusion, this combination of the artistic and technology, and this new way of thinking about it -- this idea of digitally looking at it differently."

Read the full story here.

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